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 Pre 1851 Spencer Academy Sylvia Talhequah Valley Towns and Wheelock Minimize
Scans of covers I have seen mailed before July 1, 1851 to and from Spencer Academy, Sylvia, Talhequah, Valley Towns and Wheelock.

 Spencer Academy Minimize
 DateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderDestinationDescriptionCover Scan & Source
1846-01-23Washington DC to Col Pitchlynn (auction description)(Auciton Text) manuscript "Spencer Academy January 23 1846" ms "10" (due) rateSpencer Academy 1-23-1846 ms 10 AZimmerman_Sale34_Lot235.jpg
1846-10-15Not ShownManuscrpt "Spencer Academy/Oct 15/46"spencer academy 1846-10-15 ms 20 azimmerman_sale34_lot236.jpg
1846-11-26New York New YorkManuscript "Spencer Academy/Nov 26" and ms "10" (due) rateSpencer Academy 1846-11-26 ChristiesRL19901010 Lot204.jpg
1847-03-09Not ShownManuscript "Spencer AcademyApril 9th/47" spencer academy 1847-04-09 ms 10 azimmerman_sale34_lot237.jpg
1847-03-19Not ShownManuscript "Spencer AcademyMarch 19th/47" and ms "10" (due) rateSpencer Academy 1847-03-19 ms 10 to NYC RSeigel399_Lot130.jpg
1847-04-28Not ShownManuscript "Spencer Academy May 28th/7" and ms "Free"spencer academy 1847-05-28 free azimmerman_sale34_lot238.jpg

 Sylvia Minimize
 DateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderDestinationDescriptionCover Scan and Source
1839-12-6Baltimore, MarylandLetter Headed "Fort Wayne". to relative of deceased soldierSylvia AR 1839-12-06 to Baltimore MD eBay20240101.jpg
1849-08-28Guilford, New HampshireMS Town and date, ms 10 rateSylvia AR 1849-08-28 to New Hampshire DPhillipsSale17 Lot55.jpg

 Tahlequah Minimize
 DateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderDestinationDescriptionCover Scan & Source
184x-01-07San Antonio Texas forwarded to Corpus Christi TexasDbl Circle Black, Manuscript Jan 7 in CDS, ms "10" Black San Antonio CDS Feb 19, ms "5 forwarded" addedTahlequah CN 184x-01-07 CDS rfrajolasale39lot163.jpg
184x-01-10San Antonio Texas (auction description)Dbl Circle CDS color unknown, Manuscript Jan 10 in CDS, apparent ms FreeTahlequah CN 184x-01-10 to San Antonio TX JFox_Sale186_Lot114.jpg
184x-02-12Fayetteville ArkansasDbl Circle Black, Manuscript Feb 12 in CDS, ms "Paid 5"Tahlequah CN 184x-02-12 DblCircle CDS to Fayetteville Schuyler Rumsey_Sale31_Lot394.jpg
1850-02-20Not Given(Auction Text) Tahlequah C.N. Feb. 20. Bold strike of double-circle ds on large part of 1850 cover, ms. "10",Tahlequah CN 1850-02-20 Text only RSiegel_Sale790_Lot1253.jpg.pdf
1850-03-27Not ShownDbl Circle Black, Mar in hsp, ms 27 below this in CDS, ms "10"Tahlequah CN 1850-03-27 DblCircle CDS DKelleher_Sale632_Lot83.jpg
1850-04-03Fayetteville, ArkansasBlack Dbl Circle with Tahlequah in center of 2 circles, APR 3 in center of CDS ms Paid 5Tahlequah CN 1850-04-03 Kelleher Sale 681 Lot 925.jpg
1850-04-10Fayetteville ArkansasBlack Dbl Circle APR 10, ms "5" (due)Tahlequah CN 1850-04-10 RSiegel Sale1088Lot88.jpg
1850-05-01Fayetteville Arkansas (addressee from previous cover scans)Black Dbl Circle MAY 1, ms "Free" w PM signatureTahlequah CN 1850-05-01 DblCircle CDS RSiegel399_Lot131.jpg
1851-05-11Fayetteville ArkansasRed Dbl Circle CDS, Red PAID with hsp 5 struck twiceTahlequah Ark 1851-05-11 Red PAID 5 SRumseySale45 Lot234.jpg
185xFillmore City, Utah TerritoryDbl Circle Black, no date, 1 cent Franklin pays unsealed circular rateTahlequah AR 185x 1c Circular rate to Utah George Kramer Coll.jpg
185x-11-27South Hadley Massachutsetts forwarded to Cornish Flat South CarolinaDbl Circle Black, Manuscript Nov 27 in CDS, ms "10", Red South Hadley Mass CDS Dec 26 Red Hsp 5 forwarding feeTahlequah CN 184x-11-27 DblCircle CDS Schuyler Rumsey_Sale31_Lot393.jpg

 Valley Towns Minimize
 DateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderDestinationDescriptionCover Scan & Source
1834-04-10Washington DCManuscript "Valley Towns CN/Apr 10th 1834" and ms "Free E.Jones PM"Valley Towns CN 1834-04-10 ChristiesRL19901010 Lot203.jpg
1838-03-20Not ShownManuscript "Valley Towns CN/Mar 20th 1838" and ms "Free E.Jones PM"Valley Towns CN 1838-03-20 PM Free to Washington RSiegel399_Lot135.jpg

 Wheelock Minimize
 DateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderDestinationDescriptionCover Scan & Source
1846-04-08Washington DC to PP PitchlynnManuscript "Wheelock Choctaw Nation/April 8" ms "10"Wheelock CN 1846-04-08 ChristiesRL19901010 Lot201.jpg
1849-09-19Choctaw AgencyManuscript "Wheelock C&n/Sept 19" ms "5"Wheelock CN 1849-09-19 ChristiesRL19901010 Lot202.jpg
184x-03-29Not shown but to PP PitchlynnManuscript "Wheelock CN/March 29" Wheelock CN 184x-03-29 rkaufman_sale71_lot195.jpg
184x-06-23Choctaw Nation, PO not legibleBlk St Line Hdsp "Wheelock CH. NA./ ms Nov 23" manuscript "5"Wheelock CN Straight Line 184x-06-23 Rsiegel_Sale_845_Lot_400.jpg
184x-10-14Not ShownBlk St Line Hdsp "Wheelock CH. NA./ ms Oct 14" manuscript "10"Wheelock CN Straight Line 184x-10-14 rkaufman_sale71_lot197.jpg
184x-11-24Not ShownBlk St Line Hdsp "Wheelock CH. NA./ms Nov 24" manuscript "10"Wheelock CN straight line 184x-11-24 azimmerman_sale34_lot240.jpg
184x-11-27Hartford Connecticut Forwarded to West hartfordBlk St Line Hdsp "Wheelock CH. NA./ms Nov 27" manuscript "10" Hartford CN CDS Dec 21 Ms "5" added for forwarding feeWheelock CN 184x-11-27 Straight Line SRumseySale45 Lot 235.jpg