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 CSA Little Rock Markings Minimize

There are about 47 reported Little Rock CSA covers.  Rather than put them all in one table, I have sub divided them by the rate on the covers.

 CSA Little Rock PAID 5 Minimize
 Date MailedMarkingsDestinationCover Link
9/3/18615 PAID (90 degrees)Arkansas Post, Arkansasghendershott_sale33_lot13 little rock paid 5 90 degrees to ark post.jpg
9/7/18615 PAID (90 degress) + Paid 10 ms for total Paid 15 rateMonroe, Louisianajkaufmann_sale38_lot.jpg
 5 PAID (90 degress)McKinley, Texasrkaufman_sale71_lot93.jpg
 5 PAID (90 Degrees) HspRelf's Bluff, ArkansasLittle Rock PAID 5 90o to Relfs Bluff DavidFeldman_Sale51410_lot1051.jpg
 Dbl Circle CDS 5 PAID at 90 degreesJacksonport ArkansasLittle Rock AR 1861-x-5 PAID5 cropped CWinters Collection.jpg
9/3/1861Black Dbl Circle, Black PAID 5 90 degree HSPArkansas Post Arkansas Ark History Comm Refeld Family Papers MS000285Little Rock AR 1861-09-3 PAID 5 90 degrees AHC MS000285 Bx1 Fld3 1860-69.jpg

 CSA Little Rock DUE 5 Minimize
 Date MailedSorted By Date Mailed In Ascending OrderMarkingDestinationCover Link
 Dbl Circle Handstamp Due 5 manuscriptArkadelphia, Arkansas RSiegel_Sale810_Lot2413 no photo 
03/20/1862Due 5 manuscriptDeWitt, Arkansasghendershott_sale42_lot103 lirttle rock due 5 on allover ad cover.jpg
05/15/1862Due 5, Manuscript Houston TX 5c PM Provisonal Marking & PAID addedKaufmann, Texas RSiegel_Sale779_Lot333 No PhotoLittle Rock AR 1862-05-15 to Kaufmann TX w Houston Prov RSiegel Sale779Lot333.pdf
06/08/1862. Due 5 Manuscript. Soldier's endorsementGranview, Texasrfrajola_sale28_lot475.jpg
06/24/1862Due 5 manuscript on Lined Paper. Soldier's endorsement on left ghendershott_sale39 little rock due 5 6-24-1861 on lined paper.jpg