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 2005 Reserve Grand Frame 4-State 1851-61 2nd Adhesive issue & 1st Embossed Envelope Issue Minimize
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12nd Adhesive issue: 3 cent orange brown (Scott #10) uses: Little Rock 1851; Pine Bluff, 1852f04p01.jpg
23 cent orange brown (Scott #10) used in Indian Territory: Doaksville, 1852 (prob)f04p02.jpg
3Inland Waterways: "New Orleans/Memphis Packet/T.P. Leathers" w/3 cent red brownf04p03.jpg
4Little Rock Post Office fire, Feb 1853: Cover mailed stampless & cover with home made CDS Feb-Mar 1853f04p04.jpg
5Scott #11, Little Rock uses, shades & plate varietiesf04p05.jpg
6Scott #11 Major Town usagesf04p06.jpg
7Scott #11, Major Town usages: Columbia, Freeo, Van Burenf04p07.jpg
8Scott #11, Small Town usages: Mt Ida, Princeton, Rosevillef04p08.jpg
9Balloon Cancels: Magnolia, Columbia, Jacksonportf04p09.jpg
102nd Adhesive combined w/1st Embossed issue-only reported examplef04p10.jpg
111st Embossed Issue: Nesbitt Seal example from Fayettevillef04p11.jpg
121st Embossed issue used from Indian Territory: Choctaw Agency 1857f04p12.jpg
131st Embossed Issue 6c used from Little Rock: One of 3 reported Arkansas usagesf04p13.jpg
141st Embossed Issue: Routings; Little Rock & Columbiaf04p14.jpg
151st Embossed Envelope: Manuscript cancels; Carouse, Cummins, Rondof04p15.jpg
16Manuscript to CDS in one month: Taylor's Creek August 1858f04p16.jpg