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 Uses of the CSA 5 Cent Green to and from Arkansas Minimize

The Confederate 5 cent Green is one of the most-used CSA values in Arkansas, and is the only adhesive known used in many towns, since the occupation of the Northern half of the state started early in 1862.  Covers are illustrated where I have scans.  Scans for those I do not have, or scans of covers not listed here are welcome.

Last Updated:2022-08-21 Added CSA #1 pair from Richmond VA(probably) to Fort Smith.

 Augusta Minimize

 Austin Minimize

 Batesville-Occupied by Union forces in July 1862 Minimize

 Camden-Confederate Military Strong Point. In CSA hands to war's end Minimize

 Champagnolle Minimize
 Date of UseSorted By Date of Use In Ascending OrderTownmark and ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
3-6-1862Manuscript BrownTrevillian's Depot, Virginian forwarded to Martinsville, VA, Pair of CSA#1Champagnolle AR 182-3-6 Pari of CSA#1 to VA TKaufmann 20150307.jpg

 Clarendon Minimize

 Clarksville-Major River town on the White River Minimize

 DeVall's Bluff-Major White River Port during War Minimize
 Date of UseSorted By Date of Use In Ascending OrderTown Mark and ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
2-12-1862Manuscript BlackLittle Rock, ArkansasDevalls Bluff 2-12-1862 to Little Rock BRoberts Collection.jpg
4-3-1862Manuscript red-brown ink CSA 1 not tied by matching pen cancelCamden, ArkansasDevalls Bluff 4-3-1862 CSA 1 single to Camden JMolesworthy 5-1997.jpg

 Fort Smith-Occupied by Union forces in September 1863 Minimize
 Date of UseTownmark and ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
06-19-1862Double Circle CDSHillsborough Arkansas-Combined with CSA#6 to make 10 cent rateRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot1628.jpg
7-10-1862Dbl Circle Black on CSA 1 with "due/5" manuscript, grid cancelFayetteville, ArkansasFt Smith 7-10-62 CSA 1 +due 5 to Fayetteville RSiegel_Sale988_Lot285.jpg

 Hickman's Bend Minimize
 Date of UseSorted By Date of Use In Ascending OrderTown Mark & ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
1-20-1862Manuscript, CSA #1 not tied by pen cancel on 11 star Patriotic coverBowling Green, KYHickmans Bend Ark1-20-1862 CSA 1 on 11 Star Patiotic RSiegel_Sale396_Lot1422.jpg

 Leake's Store Minimize
 Date of UseTown Mark & ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
1-1-186xmanuscript black ties CSA 1 pair on cover made from ball cap adCourtland, TexasLeakes Store 1-1-186x CSA 1 pair on cover made from cap ad ebay 4-2-06.jpg

 Little Rock-State CSA capital until Sept 10, 1863 Minimize
 Date of UseSorted By Date of Use In Ascending OrderTown Mark and ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
1861-09-07Dbl Circle Black w/grid tying CSA 1 to buff coverPocahontas, ArkansasLittle Rock 9-7-1861 CSA 1 to Pocahontas Harmer-Schau Aug 2012.jpg
1862-03-xDouble Circle BlackCamden, ArkansasRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot1627.jpg
1862-05-17Double Circle BlackDewitt, Arkansas-Overall ad coverLIttle Rock CSA#! allover Ad RSiegel_Sale907_Lot2810.jpg
1862-05-27Double Circle BlackJacksonport, ArkansasJKimbrough_ebay CSA#1 LR 5-27-1862.jpg
1862-07-08Double Circle Black, "due 5" ms addedPine Bluff, ArkansasLittle Rock CSA#1 to Pine Bluff RSiegel_Sale907_Lot2811.jpg
1862-11-15Dbl Circle Black ties CSA 1 pairJacksonville, TexasLittle Rock 11-15-1862 CSA 1 pair to Jacksonville TX RSiegel_Sale787_Lot3439.jpg
1862-12-XBlack Dbl Circle ties pair of CSA #1 to orange cover frontGrandview, TexasLittle Rock AR 186x to Grandview TX Ken Miller Coll.jpeg
UnclearDouble Circle BlackWashington, Arkansas-10-Star Patrioticsrumsey_sale22_lot1796 little rock 10 star flag csa1.jpg
UnclearDbl Circle Little Rock ties CSA 1Spring Hill, TexasLittle Rock AR CSA 1 to Spring HIll TX RSeigel1043_Lot2486.jpg
UnclearDbl Circle black, struck on the cover and tying CSA #!Arkadelphia, ArkansasLittle Rock AR 186x CSA #1 to Arkadelphia Suncoast Stamp Co 20180612.jpg
Unclear-Pair of CSA#1Double Circle BlackFranklin, Tennesseejkaufmann_sale137_lot307.jpg

 Mount Holly Minimize

 Pleasant Hill Minimize

 Princeton Minimize
 Date of UseTown Mark & ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
1862-06-24Microfilm so color unknown CDS ties CSA #1Little Rock Arkansas Ark Hist Comm MG.00135 Lorenzo Gibson PapersPrinceton AR 1862-06-24 CSA #1 AHC MG.00135 Lorenzo Gibson.jpg

 Van Buren Minimize

 Walnut Hill Minimize
 Date of UseSorted By Date of Use In Ascending OrderTown Mark & ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
05-20-1862Manurscript black CSA 1 tied by pen cancelChappell Hill, TexasWalnut Hill 05-20-1862 CSA 1 DeanBriggs Collection.jpg

 CSA#1 uses mailed into Arkansas Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeSorted By Originating Post Office In Ascending OrderDate of useArkansas DestintationCover Scan & Source
Bowling Green, Kentucky-Pair of CSA#11-23-1862Fort Gibson, Indian Territorychristiesoct1989lot1529.jpg
Fredricksburg, VirginiaUnknown-pair of CSA 1Benton 
Hernando Mississippi1862-04-30Selma ArkHernando MS 1862-04-30 to Selma AR CSA 1 MBennettSale206 Lot812.jpg
HQ Parsons Brigade Missouri Volunteers Hot SpringsMissouri Vols Pair CSA #1 to Hot Springs KAnderson Collection.jpg
Knoxville Tennessee186x-x-10Van Buren. Mailed before July 1862Knoxville TN CSA 1 to Van Buren JPalazolo Collection 20130914.JPG
Knoxville, Tennesseex-10-186x CDS Black ties CSA 1-Memphis DUE 5 Handstamp addedVan BurenKnoxville TN x-10-186x CSA 1 to Van Buren.jpg
Memphis, Tennessee4-23-1862CamdenRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot1624.jpg
Memphis, Tennessee1-12-1862 ties CSA 1 on Flag Patriotic coverNashvilleMemphis 1-12-1862 Flag Patriotic to Nashville Ark w No 1 RSiegel_Sale_940_Lot_477.jpg
Memphis, Tennessee3-22-1862 Black CDS ties Single CSA 1ChampagnolleMemphis 3-22-1862 CSA 1 to Champagnolle eBay20220812.jpg
Memphis, Tennessee02-22-1862 Black CDS ties single CSA 1Shawnee Village, ArkansasMemphis 02-22-1862 CSA 1 to Shawnee Village RKaufman_Sale39_Lot646.jpg
Memphis, Tennessee1862-04-11MonticelloMemphis TN 1862-04-11 To Monticello AR CSA #1 eBay20200717.jpg
Memphis, Tennessee1862-04-05ArkadelphiaMemphis TN 1862-04-05 CSA#1 to Arkadelphia eBay20230113.jpg
New Orleans Lousiana1862-03-12Grand Lake ArkNew Orleans LA 1862-03-13 CSA #1 to Grand Lake AR JKimbrough Stock 20151010.jpg
New Orleans, Louisiana Two CSA #1s4-1-1862LewisburgRSiegel_Sale966_Lot2648 New Orleans to Lewsiburg.jpg
Richmond VA (possibly)Not Clear, after 7-1-1862 since Pair usedFort SmtihUnclear PO to Fort Smith AR-Pair of CSA#1 eBay20220821.jpg
Rusk, TexasDecember 3, 1861Little RockRusk TX CSA #1 12-3-1861 to Little Rock APS Richmond 8-13-10.jpg
Unclear6-23-186x manuscript town ties CSA 1 pairLittle RockUnclear PO 6-23-186x CSA 1 pair to Little Rock CSA_Asheville_2004.jpg
Unclear. Black CDS ties Pair of CSA #1Not clearLeak's Store Arkansas. Unknown origination Pair CSA#1 to Leakes Store eBay20150515.JPG
UnknownUnknownMonticelloCSA 1 on cover with unknown origin to Monticello eBay20200304.jpg
UnknownUnknownMonticelloCSA 1 on cover with unknown origin to Monticello PM note eBay20200304.jpg