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Covers from Eagletown, Choctaw Nation, between July 1, 1851 and May 31, 1861.

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 DateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderDestinationDescriptionCover Scan & Source
1853-09-23Eagletown ArkansasMarietta Ohio Black CDS SEP 23 Black PAID handstamp, no rateMarietta OH to Eagletown 9-23-1853.jpg
1854-01-06Eagletown ArkansasMarietta Ohio Black CDS JAN 6 PAID 3 Black PAID handstamp in additionMarietta OH to Eagletown 1854-01-06 eBay20141004.jpg
1854-03-31Washington DC to PP PitchlynnManuscript "Eagletown Ark/March 31 1854" ms "5" Penalty rateEagletown AR 1854-03-31 CristiesRL19901010 Lot186.jpg
1854-05-23Not ShownManuscript "Eagletown Ark/May 23rd1 1854" ms "Paid 3"Eagletown AR 1854-05-23 paid 3 azimmerman_sale34_lot226.tif.jpg
1854-06-16Washington DC to PP PitchlynnManuscript "Eagletown Ark/June 16 1854" ms "Paid 3"Eagletown AR 1854-06-16 Paid 3 to DC RSiegel_906_1293.jpg
1855-03-09Bethne, OhioManuscript "Eagletown Ark/March 9 1855" ms "Paid 3"Eagletown AR 1855-03-09 Paid 3 DPhillipsSale17 Lot56.jpg
1855-03-27Not ShownManuscript "Eagletown Ark/Mar 27 1855" Eagletown AR 1855-03-27 azimmerman_sale34_lot228.jpg
1856-04-02Washington DC to PP PitchlynnManuscript "Eagletown Ark/April 2d 1856" Scott 11 or 11A pen cancelledEagletown AR 1856-04-02 No 11 AZimmerman_Sale21_Lot194.jpg
1856-04-14Ohio (auction text)(auction text)Manuscript "Eagletown Ark/May 141856" Scott U9 embossed envelopeEagletown AR 1856-04-14 ms pmk on U9 to Ohio Text Only RSiegel399_Lot98.jpg
1857-10-10New Bedford MassachusettsManuscript "Eagletown C.N. Arks/Oct. 10-57" 3 cent embossed envelopeEagletown Oct 10 1857.jpg
1858-01-09Not ShownManuscript "EagletownC.N./Jany 9 1858" 3c embossed envelope pen cancelledEagletown AR 1858-01-09 on U9 RKaufmann_Sale41_Lot32.jpg
1859-12-15Washington DC to PP Pitchlynn(auction text)Manuscript "Eagletown C.N. Arks/Dec 15-59" Scott U10 embossed envelopeEagletown CN 1859-12-15 on U10 to Washington text only RSiegel399_lot100.jpg
1859-12-17Washington DC to PP PitchlynnManuscript "EagletownC.N. Arks/Dec 17-59" Scott 26 or 26A pen cancelledEagletown AR 1859-12-17 ChristiesRL19901010 Lot187.jpg
185x-03-22Washington DC to PP PitchlynnManuscript "Eagletown C.N. Arks/Mar 22" Scott 26 or 26A Pen Cancelledeagletown w 26 3-22-185x ghendershott_sale64_lot92.jpg
1860-02-09Washington DC to PP PitchlynnManuscript "Eagletown C.N. Arks/Feb-9-60" Scott 26 or 26A pen cancelledEagletown AR 1860-02-09 George Kramer Coll.jpg
1860-05-19Washington DC to PP PitchlynnManuscript "Eagletown Ark/May 19/60" pair of Scott 26 or 26A pen cancelledEagletown Ark 1860-05-19 to DC Pair US 26 BRoberts Coll.jpg
1860-06-07Washington DC to PP PitchlynnManuscript "Eagletown Ark/June 7th/60" Scott 11 or 11A pen cancelledEagletown AR 1860-06-07 No 26 RFrajola Stock 20181127.jpg
1860-07-12Washington DC to PP PitchlynnManuscript "Eagletown Ark/July 12/60" Scott 26 or 26A pen cancelledEagletown AR 1860-07-12 US26 SRumseySale55 Lot7.jpg
1860-07-26Not ShownManuscript "Eagletown Ark/July 26/60" 3 cent Embossed EnvelopeEagletown AR 1860-07-26 azimmerman_sale34_lot255.jpg
1860-08-09Washington DC to PP PitchlynnManuscript "Eagletown Ark/Aug 9/60" 3 cent Embossed EnvelopeEagletown AR 1860-08-09 rfrajolasale42lot245.jpg