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 2005 Reserve Grand Frame 3-State 1836 -45; 1846-51 Minimize
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1Indian Territory: Ft Gibson June 1846 and Sept 20 (prob 1850) both due 10f03p01.jpg
2Fort Smith June, 1848 to New Orleans with 2 cent carrier fee addedf03p02.jpg
3El Dorado Dec 19, 1846 Paid 20, Washington Oct 30 1845 Paid 30f03p03.jpg
4Batesville June, 1850; Camden May 1846; Pine Bluf, June 184?; all Due 20f03p04.jpg
5Political Free Franks: Washington, March 1846; Van Buren, Aug 1847; Ft Towson Ind Terr January 1846f03p05.jpg
6Inland Waterways Packets: "New World"; "Steamer Cora"; "Homer"f03p06.jpg
7Inland Waterways: "Randolph" 1848; "St Helena" 1849f03p07.jpg
8New Postage Rates July 1851: Helena Paid 3 Hsp in two colorsf03p08.jpg
9Paid 3 stampless: Cold Water (1858); Grand Glaze (185?); Greenock (185?); Van Buren (1851)f03p09.jpg
10Registered Letter from Little Rock, 1853f03p10.jpg
11Pine Bluff PAID 6, Columbia PAID 3, due 6f03p11.jpg
12Penalty 5 cent rate for unpaid letters: Camden June 1854; Tulip, 1854f03p12.jpg
135 cent Penalty rate with 5 cents added for forwarding: New Oleans via LR to Camden forwarded to Princeton 1854f03p13.jpg
14West Coast 6 cent rate (very rare from Arkansas): Van Buren to Sonora CAf03p14.jpg
15Postmaster FREE franks: Ultima Thule (1853); Van Buren (1855)f03p15.jpg
16Inland Waterways: "Vicksburg & Napoleon U.S. Mail Packet Forest City"f03p16.jpg