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Exhibits > 1869 Adhesives on Arkansas Mail
 Use of the 1869 adhesives to, from, and within Arkansas Minimize
 PageSorted By Page In Ascending OrderContentPage Image
01 PageTitle Page, 3c used from Eureka Springsp01 Title Page APS 2014.jpg
02 PageOne Cent used on Drop Letter in Little Rockp02a Drop Letter w map APS 2014.jpg
03 PagePair of one cent on unsealed circular to Clarksvillep03a Unsealed Circular w rate table APS2014.jpg
04 PageOne Cent + Two Cent combinations to make single letter ratep04 1c+2c APS2014.jpg
05 PageCommercial Mail 3 cent uses with CCp05 Commercial Mail APS2014.jpg
06 PageRailroad Adp06 Railroad Ad APS2014.jpg
07 PageIndian Territory 3 cent usagep07 Indian Territory APS2014.jpg
08 PageSmall Towns 3 cent usep08 Small Towns APS2014.jpg
09 PageMajor town use of 3 centp09 Major Towns APS2014.jpg
10 PageLittle Rock 3 cent usep10 Little Rock APS2014.jpg
11 PagePrinceton to Tenn and backp11 Princeton to Tenn & back APS2014.jpg
12 PageIncoming mailp12 Incoming mail APS2014.jpg
13 PageLittle Rock Return to Writerp13 LR Return to Writer APS2014.jpg
14 Page4 x 3c adhesivesp14 4x3c cover APS2014.jpg
15 Page6 cent Usep15 6c use APS2014.jpg
16 Page10c Closed Mail to Switzerlandp16 10c to Switz APS2014.jpg