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19th Century > Union Occupation 1862-1865 > Major Postoffices under Union Control
 Letters from Post Offices under Occupation Minimize
By the late Fall of 1863, all the major towns along and north of the Arkansas River, and along the Mississippi River, had been occupied by Union forces.  Gradually the Post Offices in these towns resumed local collection and post marking of the mails.  Listed below are covers mailed from these towns between 1863 and the end of the war.

Fort Smith post office used a straight line cancel for part of this period.  The covers I have seen with this cancel are in the table below the main cover table.

New Cover added 2020-02-24 Head Quarters Dept of Arkansas 1864-11-24 to Minnesota
                                 2021-01-12 Helena Due 3 to Wisconsin
                                2023-02-14 Little Rock to Wisconsin 1864-09-20

 Covers mailed from Occupied Post Offices Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeSorted By Originating Post Office In Ascending OrderDate MailedMarkingsDestinationCommentsCover Scan & Source
Fort Smith09-12-1865Black Dbl Circle CDS ties No 65Philadelphia, Pennsylvania"Department of Indian Affairs/Office of Indian Agent/Official Business" envelopeFt Smith 9-12-1865 on Office of Ind Affairs envelope BRoberts Collection.jpg
Grand Glaze8-11-1865Manuscript town name and date tie No 65Saltilo, Tennessee Grand Glaze 8-11-1863 w US 65 manuscript.jpg
Helena5-5-1865Two Black CDS tie pair of US No 65Newborn, North CarolinaTo Rev Jerimiah Porter, Chaplin, USA care of Surgeon in chargeHelena 5-5-1865 6c to Newborn NC BRoberts Collection.jpg
Helena186x-01-24Black CDS ties US 65Marseilles, IllinoisBlack boxed "15th Ills/Company L" ccHelena AR 186x-01-24 15th Ill Co cc eBay20181214.jpg
Helena1865-01-24Black CDS , Black DUE 3 Hdsp, Ms Soldier's letter Wisconsin (PO not clear)Mailed as Soldier's letter with endorsements but still charged 3 centsHelena AR 1865-01-24 Soldiers letter to WI eBay20210112.jpg
Little Rock8-26-65Black Due 2 in circle, Dbl Circle town mark and bullseye killerLittle Rock, ArkansasUnpaid drop letter, "O.B." to Hospital Seward, USALittle Rock 8-26-1865 Due 2 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Little Rock12-12-1864Black Dbl Circle CDS + target; Black Due 3 in circleSpring Prairie, WisconsinUS Christian Commision cc & Soldier's Letter confirmationLittle Rock 12-12-1864 Due 3 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Little Rock11-18-1864Black Dbl Circle + Target tie US No 71 30 cent on cover to FranceSholzheim, FranceNY PAID 6 red cirdle, Boxed "PD" in red, French receiving marks, transit marks on backLittle Rock 1864 30c 1861 adhesive to France BRoberts Collection.jpg
Little Rock3-26-1865Black Dbl Circle CDS w target ties US No 65Marshall, Illinois Little Rock Dbl Circle 3-26-1865 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Little Rock4-16-1865Black Dbl Circle CDS w Target ties US No 65St Louis, Missouri"OFFICIAL BUSINESS" cc marked outLittle Rock Dbl Circle 4-16-1865 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Little Rock9-23-1864Black Dbl Circle CDS w Target ties No 65Denmark, X Little Rock Dbl Circle 9-23-1864 Broberts Collection.jpg
Little Rock2-12-65Black Dbl Circle w target ties No 65Madison, Wisconsin 2-12-65 LR Dbl Circle to Madison, Wis.jpg
Little Rock5-21-1865Black Dbl Circle CDS + target ties US No 65Statesville, New Jersey 5-21-1865 LR Dbl Circle ebay 9-27-10.jpg
Little Rock11-7-1864Black Dbl Circle + target on US U35Boardman, OhioAny use of U35 from Arkansas is scarce11-7-64 Dbl Circle Little Rock on U35-Rare.jpg
Little Rock1864Black Dbl Circle CDS + Target ties No 65, Due 6 in circleLima, Ohio"PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION" "TALLY-SHEET"ebay 6-29-08 Presidential Ballot Due 6 Little Rock 1864.jpg
Little Rock3-8-1865Black Dbl Circle CDS + Target ties No 65Minneapolis, Minnesota Little Rock 3-8-1865 Dbl Circle Amberman_NetPrice_Dec1996.jpg
Little Rock4-X-1865Faint black Dbl Circle CDS ties strip of 3 No 65, Due 10 manuscript,"Insufficiently Prepaid" Hand stampMagog, Canada East (from Siegel sale 761, lot 39 description)2c Bank Check revenue not tied and not acceptedLittle Rock 4-x-1865 Insufficently Paid rkaufman_sale71_lot211.jpg
Little Rock5-24-1866Black Dbl Circle CDS + target ties No 65 on home made folded letterCharlottesville, Virginia Little Rock 5-24-1866 Occupation Dbl Circle ebay 1-3-11.jpg
Little Rock7-17-1865Black Dbl Circle CDS + target ties No 65Kimmenly, IllinoisHas "Forty Rounds" in diamond cachetLittle Rock 40 rounds 1865 from Rod Kelly 5-4-08.jpg
Little Rock8-5-1865Black Dbl Circle + target ties No 65Leeds, Wisconsin Little Rock 8-5-65 ebayLot5614932070.pdf
Little Rock9-18-1864Black Dbl Circle CDS + target tie No 65Richville, Vermont Little Rock 9-18-1864 to Vermont.jpg
Little Rock10-10-1864Black Dbl Circle CDS, "Due 6" in circleWakurka, Wisconsin Little Rock 10-10-1864 Due 6 Nutmeg_Sale134_Lot2506.jpg
Little Rock11-16-1864Black Dbl Circle + Target tie No 65Mokwanago, Wisconsin Little Rock 11-16-1864 No 65 Dbl Circle to Wisconsin ebay 2-17-11.jpg
Little Rock12-11-1864Black Dbl Circle CDS +target tie No 65St. Johnsbury, Vermont Little Rock 12-11-1864 to Vermont eBay 9-16-11.jpg
Little Rock12-12-1864Black Dbl Circle CDS + target tie no 65Reeding, MichiganPhotograpy (Illinois) ccLittle Rock 12-12-64 Photographer cc APS show 21111.jpg
Little Rock12-11-1864Black Dbl Cirlce + target ties No 65Georgetown, IowaOn a cover with "Trip Lightly" verse 
Little Rock10-12-1864Black Dbl Circle CDS "Due 6" in circleKnoxville, IowaOn all-over Phonograpy ad coverLittle Rock 10-12-64 Due 6 Phrenology RSiegel_Sale_906_Lot_1318.pdf
Little Rock9-14-1864Black Dbl Circle CDS, Black DUE 3 handstampKnoxville, IowaOn all-over Phonograpy ad coverlittle rock phonology cover due 3 to iowa 1864 ghendershott_sale15.jpg
Little Rock12-01-1864Black Dbl Circle hand stamp + target ties 3c No 65Minneapolis, Minnesota Little Rock 12-1-1864 USPCS Chronicles Vo57p231968.jpg
Little Rock1864-10-17DBl Circle CDS, Target ties 3c adhesiveExcelsior, MinnesotaUS Christian Commission CC, yellow envelopeLittle Rock AR 1864-10-17 US Christian Comm dbl circle eBay20181118.jpg
Little Rock1864-09-17Dbl Circle CDS, target ties 3 cent 1861Denmark, IowaPart of a correspondence with other covers on this siteLittle Rock 9-17-1864 to Denmark IA eBay 10-23-11.jpg
Little Rock1864-11-21Dbl Circle CDS ties US 65Not shownUS Christian Commision envelope for soldier's messageLittle Rock AR 1864-11-21 US Christian Comm cc Kover King 75 Lot 36.jpg
Little Rock1865-01-07Dbl Circle CDS ties US 65Not ShownUS Christian Commision soldier's message envelopeLittle Rock AR 1865-01-7 ASiegel 77 Lot 16.jpg
Little Rock1864-10-05Dbl Circle occupation CDS ties US 65Dennark, Iowa Little Rock AR 1864-10-05 to Dennark IA eBay20130630.jpg
Little Rock1865-02-18Dbl Circle CDS, Target cancel on US Scott #65South Wales, New York Little Rock AR 1865-02-18 to South Wales NY eBay20161229.jpg
Little Rock1865-04-11Black Dbl Circle CDS with d m yOffCover30 cent Orange definitive with SON CDS from Little RockLittle Rock AR 1865-04-11 single 30 cent Scott 71 off cover eBay20130410.jpg
Little Rock186x-08-25Black CDS, Black Due 3 Hsp Philadelphia, Pennsylvania"Hdqrs So District of Arkansas" ccLittle Rock 186x-HQ So Dist Ark Nutmeg_Sale128_Lot1325.jpg
Little Rock1865-05-12Black Dbl Circle CDS ties 3c 1861Mount Vernon OhioOrange EnvelopeLittle Rock AR 1865-05-12 Brob Coll 20181228.jpg
Little Rock1864-10-28Black Dbl Circle CDS and target tie 3c 1861Harveysburg Ohio Little Rock AR 1864-10-28 BRob Coll 20181226.jpg
Little Rock1864-10-29Black Dbl Circle CDS, Black DUE 4 in CircleGallatin, Missouri1cent 1861, 2c Black Jack tied by CDS "By Flag of Truce via Little Rock" CSA originationLittle Rock AR 1864-10-29 1c+2c Due 4 RSiegel Sale1181 Lot1414.jpg
Little Rock1864-11-10Black CDS ties US 65? Creek, Michigan Little Rock AR 1864-11-10 to Michigan eBay20190208.jpg
Little Rock1864-11-24Black Dbl Circle CDS ties US 3cRochester, MinnesotaHead Quarters Dept of Arkansas envelopeLittle Rock AR 1864-11-24 HQ Dept of Arkansas letter head to MN eBay20200224.jpg
Little Rock1865-07-xBlack Dbl Circle ties #65Waukegan, Illinois Little Rock AR 1865-07-x to Illinois eBay20181114.jpg
Little Rock1864-10-05Black Dbl Circle ties #65Murkswango Wisconsin Little Rock AR 1864-10-05 to Wisconsin eBay20210423.jpg
Little Rock1865-07-26Black Dbl Circle ties #65 ms "Fwd 3"Rockbridge, Mass frwd to Barton VermontCC "Collector's Office, US Internal Revenue, District of Arkansas"Little Rock AR 1865-07-26 to Rockbridge MA fwrd to VT eBay20210903.jpg
Little Rock1864-09-20Dbl Circle CDS, target cancelOconomowoc, Wisconsin Little Rock AR 1864-09-20 to Wisconsin eBay20230214.jpg
Little Rock1865-04-22Dbl Circle CDS ties US # 65Easton, MassHas letter illustrated with cover scanLittle Rock AR 1865-04-22 w letter eBay20231217.jpg
Marseilles -C(hicago) & R(ock) I(sland) RR186x-03-20Black Boxed Railroad Cancel ties pair of US 73Helena ArkAuction states mailed while Helena under occupationChicago & Rock Island RR cancel to occupied Helena Pair 73 SPBSaleS-33 Lot2108.jpg
Milwaukee, Wisconsin1865-06-29Little Rock 1865-07-10 DBl CircleLittle Rock forwarded to Pine Bluff ArkansasScan of letter enclosed to Soldier occupying Little RockLittle Rock AR 1865-07-10 frm Wisc forwd to Pine Bluf eBay20200726.jpg
Monroeville, OH186x-03-30Black CDS and target both tie US 65Little Rock, Arkansasto "Supt Military Teleg"Monroeville OH 186x-03-30 to LR Supt Military Telegraph eBay20130712.jpg
Pine Bluff12-30-186xBlack Dbl Circle CDS, Black killer ties No 65Nieob, Iowa Pine Bluff 9-30-186x Dbl Circle BRoberts Collection.jpg
Pine BluffNot ClearBlack Dbl Circle CDS, #65 tied by cork killerMt Giilead North Carolina Pine Bluff AR 186x to North Carolina eBay20160810.jpg
Pocahontas8-20-1865Black CDS, Black Target ties No 65Ballston Spa, New YorkPart of family correspodence as CSA cover from Black's Ferry via Flag of Truce1865 POCAHONTAS ARK to Ballston SPA NY cover.pdf
St Paul, Minnesota6-5-1864Dbl Circle Black CDS, Black ADVERTISED, Black UNCLAIMED in ovalWarrensburg, Missouri forwarded to Little RockLittle Rock Dbl Circle CDS 9-6-1864 on backSt Paul Minn to Missouri frwd to Little Rock Ad & Unclaimed BRoberts Collection.jpg
Washington, DC6-22-65Little Rock 7-1-1865 Dbl Circle used in forwardingLittle Rock forwarded to Marshall, IllinoisOrdanance Department/OFFICIAL BUSINESSLittle Rock 7-1-65 Official Business frwd APS Richmond 2010.jpg

 Fort Smith Straight Line Cancels Minimize
 Date MailedSorted By Date Mailed In Ascending OrderDestinationCommentsCover Scan & Source
1864-06-15Flint, Michigan forwarded to Jonesville, MichiganDue 6 in oval, Due 3 Manuscript, has Dbl Circle Flint Mich CDSFort Smith 6-12-1864 str line on stampless cover due 6 JMilgram Collection 5-8-11.jpg
1864-06-29Weathersfield Center, VermontFt Smith SL ties No 65Ft Smith Str Line 6-29-1864 Nutmeg_Sale181_Lot3042.jpg
1864-07-01Rochestor, New YorkFort Smith Str Line ties No 65Fort Smith AR 1864-07-01 George Kramer Coll.jpg
1864-07-03 Fort Smith Str Line ties No 65Ft Smith Str Line 7-3-1864 rkaufman_sale71_lot207.jpg
1864-07-09Flint, Michigan"Forwarded" in oval, "Due 6" in circle, forwarded to Jonesville, MIFort Smith 7-9-1864 str line on stampless due 6 JMilgram Collection 5-8-11.jpg
1864-07-13 Fort Smith Str Line ties No 65 (text only auction description)Ft Smith Str Line 7-13-1864 text only RSiegel_Sale236_Lot1885.jpg
1864-07-20Little York, MissouriBlack St Line ties US No 65Ft Smith Straight Line 7-20-1864 BRoberts Collection.jpg
1864-07-XPlatteville, WisconsinFort Smiith Str Line ties No 65Ft Smith Str Line 7-x-1864 on small star patriotic RSiegel_Sale_906_Lot_1831.pdf
1864-08-24Strawberry Point, IowaVery sharp and clear Ft Smith Str Line ties No 65Ft Smith Str Line 8-24-1864 SRumsey_Sale35_Lot935.jpg
1864-09-06Little York, Missourimissent to Springfield, MO, Springfiled CDS and "Missent" in ovalFt Smith Str Line 9-6-1864 to Mo w-Missent marking ebay 3-13-10.jpg
1864-10-02Fairfield, IowaFort Smith Str Line ties No 65Ft Smith Str Line 10-2-1864 eBay 8-12-11.jpg
1864-11-XSalem, OregonBlack St Line ties US No 65Ft Smith Straight Line Nov 1864 BRoberts Collection.jpg
1864-12-11 Straight Line ties No 65Ft Smith 12-11-1864 st ln RKaufmann_Sale41_Lot134.jpg