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19th Century > 1861 Ind. State & Confed in US System
 1861-Independant State (May 6-17), Confederate State in US (May 18-31) Minimize
Arkansas Seceded from the US on May 6, 1861.  They had to send delegates to Montgomery, Alabama to petition for entry into the Confederacy.  So it was not until May 18, 1861 that Arkansas was admitted to the Confederacy.  From May 6-May 17 the State was Independent of any higher political entity.  From May 18 to May 31, while in the Confederacy, Arkansas's mail was still transported within the US system.  At midnight, May 31, the postal relationship with the U.S. ended and mail was subsequently carried in the Confederate System.  This page will show the reported covers from these two political periods.  Updated 12/23/07.