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 Post OfficeSorted By Post Office In Ascending OrderDate MailedMarkingsDestinationCover Link
ScotlandNovember 4, 1861Paid 10 ManuscriptShelby, North Carolinajkaufmann_sale110_lot411 scotland paid 10.jpg
Searcy1862-03-05PAID (oval) 5 (circle) HspCrocketts Bluff, ArkanasSearcy AR 1862-03-05 Paid 5 jkaufmann_sale137_lot60.jpg
Searcy PAID (oval) 5 (cricle) HspCold Well, Arkansasrkaufman_sale71_lot113 Searcy Paid 5.jpg
SearcyDecember 31, 1861PAID (oval) 5 (circle) HspGermantown, TennesseeRSiegel_Sale907_Lot2558 Searcy Paid 5 Dec 31.jpg
Searcyx/x/1861Paid 5 ManuscriptTulip, Arkansasjkaufmann_sale92_lot31 searcy paid 5 cts ms.jpg
SearcyFeb 15, 186xPAID(oval) 10(circle) HspMadisonville, TennesseeRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1568 Searcy Feb 15.jpg
SearcyMay 13, 186xPAID (oval) 10 (circle) HspMadisonville, Tennesseejkaufman_sale133_lot60 searcy paid 10 may 13.jpg
SearcyAugust 15, 186xPAID (oval) 10(circle) HspKnoxville, Tennesseesrumsey_sale22_lot1685 searcy paid 10 aug 15.jpg
Searcy186x-10-30PAID(oval) 10(circle)Knoxville, TennesseeSearcy AR 186x-10-30 to Knoxville TN eBay202005-7.jpg
SearcySeptember 22, 1862PAID(oval) 10(circle) HspWest Point, ArkansasRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1567 Searcy Paid 10 Sept 22.jpg
SearcyOctober 3, 1862PAID(oval) 10(circle) HspKnoxville, TennesseeRSiegel_Sale907_Lot2559 Searcy Paid 10 Oct 3.jpg
SearcyOctober 31, 186xPAID(oval) 10(circle) HspMadisonville, Tennesseerkaufman_sale71_lot112 Searcy PAID 10 Oct 31.jpg
SearcyNovember 19, 1862PAID (oval) 10(Circle) Hsps BlackMadisonville, TennesseeSearcy 11-19-1862 PAID 10 Hsp RSiegel_Sale960_Lot2889.jpg
South BendOctober 19, 1864Due 10 ManuscriptHalletsville, Texasjkaufmann_sale38_lot698 south bend due 10 oct 19-TC.jpg
South BendOctober 19, 1862Black CDS Due 10 ManuscriptHalletsville, TexasSouth Bend AR 1862-10-19 due 10 RSiegelSale1063Lot2168.jpg
South Bend (brown CDS)October 1X, 1861Due 15Greenwood, Louisianaghendershott_sale22_lot87 south bend due 15 in brown 10-15-1862.jpg
South Bend-ManuscriptNovember 1, 1862Due 10 Manuscript jkaufmann_sale38_lot699 south bend due 10 nov1 62.jpg
South Bend-ManuscriptNovember 4, 1862Due 10 ManuscriptAustin, Texasrkaufman_sale71_lot117.jpg
South Bend-ManuscriptMay 14, 1863Due 10 ManuscriptKaufman, Texasrkaufmann_sale71_lot115 south bend due 10 may 14.jpg
South Bend-ManuscriptMay 16, 1863Due 10 ManuscriptGrandview, Texasrkaufmann_sale71_lot116 south bend due 10 may 14.jpg
Spring Bank-ManuscriptJuly 12, 1862Due 10 cts ManuscriptBurkeville, TexasSpring Bank AR 1862-07-12 to Texas DKelleher Sale4021 Lot 7139.jpg
Spring HillMay 29, 186x(Due) 10 ManuscriptLawrenceville, Virginiaebay Spring Hill due 10.jpg
Stony Point1862-06-30Due 10 Manuscript, Manuscript town and dateKaufman, Kaufman Co., TexasStony Point AR 186x-06-30 Due 10 Dean Briggs Coll.jpg