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Covers containing the 5 cent and 10 cent US adhesives from 1847 are all prized by collectors, and those from post offices in the Indian Nations are especially valued.  Most of these covers originated from a correspondence between Lt. Clinton Lear and his wife. According to Vince King, a Texas postal history collector with whom I have corresponded;

"Military records show Clinton Lear was at Fort Towson in June and July 1850 before heading south to Corpus Christi Texas via San Antonio.  Doaksville, near the Fort received shipments of 10c 1847 stamps and Lear apparently procured some. 

I do have several covers from the Lear correspondence (we Texans call them “Lear covers”).  The one I have was the cover he posted on his trip from Indian Territory to Corpus Christi as he traveled south.  It probably was posted on the same trip as the one you attached…i.e. his next letter to his wife.  It was posted from Chambers Creek (TX) which is about half way between current day Dallas and Waco.  He carried the stamps (US#2) with him out of Doaksville as there is a Doaksville #2 cover extant which was mailed at (before) the “start of his trip”.

Most of the covers come from Doaksville. A trading post was established during the early 1820s by Josiah Doak. With the signing of the treaties Dancing Rabbit Creek and Doak’s Stand, Doaksville became a major destination in what later became known as Indian Territory. With the military post nearby at Fort Towson for protection, Doaksville became the largest town in IT in 1850 and the commercial center of the Choctaw Nation. Read more about Doaksville on the web here.

 Indian Nations US 1847 covers Minimize
 Post OfficeSorted By Post Office In Ascending OrderDate MailedDestinationDescriptionCover Scan & Source
Bonham Texas "via Doaksville & Little Rock"1850-07-10New OrleansBlack CDS Bonham Texas/ms July/ 10 ms "via Doaksville & Little Rock" Scott #2 pen cancelledBonham TX to NO via Doakesville and Little Rock US 2 rfrajola_sale20_lot364-1.jpg
Chambers Creek Texas1850-07-23New Orleans-Part of the Lear CorrespondenceManusript "Chambersburg cace/ July 23 Scott #2 pen canceled ms 10/2 Chambers Creek TX 1850-07-23 Part of Lear Correspondence.jpg
Doaksville1850-05-30New OrleansBlack CDS Doaksville/May/30 Scott #2 pen cancelledDoaksville AR 1850-05-30 RSiegel_Sale1023_Lot2260.jpg
Doaksville1850-06-13New OrleansBlack CDS Doaksville/Jun/13 Scott #2 pen cancelled ms "Due 10"Doakesville AR 1850-06-13 US 2 RSiegel399_Lot92.jpg
Doaksville1850-06-20New OrleansBlack CDS Doaksville/Jun/20 Scott #2 pen cancelledDoakesville AR 1850-06-20 to no mbennett_sale330_lot1035.jpg
Doaksville1850-06-24New OrleansBlack CDS Doaksville/Jun/24 Scott #2 pen cancelledDoakesville AR 1850-06-24 US 2 Ashbrook Black Binder 4 p101.jpg
Doaksville1850-06-30New OrleansBlack CDS Doaksville/Jul/01 Scott #2 pen cancelledDoakesville AR 1850-06-30 US 2 US Classics Society Census 20131225.png
Doaksville1850-07-01New OrleansBlack CDS Doaksville/Jul/1 Scott #2 pen cancelledDoaksville 1850-07-01 10 cent RKaufmann_Sale66_Lot183.jpg
Doaksville1851-12-02Eagletown Choctaw NationBlack CDS Doaksville/Dec/02 Scott #1 pen cancelled demonitized usageDoakesville AR 1851-12-02 us 1 azimmerman_sale34_lot243.jpg
Eagletown1854-07-14Washington DC to PP PitchlynnManusript "Eagletown Ark/July 14 1854" Scott #1 pen cancelled demonitized useEagletown Ark 7-14-1854 to Washington DC MBennet_Sale266_Lot1133.pdf