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 Fort Towson and Fort Washita before July 1, 1851 Minimize
Scans of covers mailed from Fort Towson or Fort Washita in Indian Territory before July 1, 1851.

 Fort Towson Minimize
 DateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderDestinationDescriptionCover Scan & Source
1833-07-31Fort Towson Arkansas TerritoryFrom Boston Mass "via Little River Lick" to Fort Towson Arkansas TerritoryBoston MA 1833-07-31 via Little River Lick to Ft Towson exterior eBay20150521.JPG
1835-06-01Westport MissouriManuscript "Fort Townson/June 1 1835" ms "25"(due) rateFort Towson AR 1835-05-29 SRumseySale55 Lot30.jpg
1835-12-07Not ShownManuscript "Fort Townson/Dec 7 1835" rate not shownFort Towson 1835-12-07 AZimmerman_Sale47_Lot209A.jpg
1836-10-25Whitionton(?) Crawford Co ArkansasManuscript "Fort Townson/Oct 25" ms "18 3/4"(due) ratefort towson 1836-10-25 ghendershott_sale25_lot83.jpg
1836-x-03Fort Towson Arkansas TerritoryFrom Norwich Connecticut, Reddish CDS, ms 25(due) rateNorwich CN 1836-x-01 to Fort Towson.jpg
1837-04-04Salem, MassachutsettsManuscript "Fort Townson/April 4 1837" ms "Paid 50"Fort Towson AR 1837-04-04 Paid 50 DKelleher_Sale578_Lot3257.jpg
1837-05-08Salem, MassachutsettsManuscript "Fort Townson/May 8 1837" ms "Paid 25" rateFort Towson 1837-05-08 ms Paid 25 to Mass Schuyler Rumsey_Sale31_Lot398.jpg
1837-06-06Salem, Massachutsetts forwarded to BostonManuscript "Fort Townson/June 6 1837" ms "Paid 25" rate marked out "6" forwarding feeFort Towson 1837-06-06 rfrajola_sale7_lot63.jpg
1837-06-10Boston MassachusettsManuscript "Fort Townson/June 10 1837" ms "25"(due) rateFort Towson 1837-06-10 rkaufman_sale71_lot184.jpg
1837-06-24Salem MassachutsettsAuction Text only Ms "Fort Towson June 24, 1837" in 3 lines "Paid 25"Fort Towson 1837-06-24 to Mass Text Only RSiegel Sale790Lot1258.jpg.pdf
1837-07-13Salem, MassachutsettsManuscript "Fort Townson/July 13 1837" ms "Pa" (probably Paid 25)Fort Towson 1837-07-13 rfrajolasale42lot255.jpg
1838-04-08Boston, MassachutssetsBlack CDS Black HSP PAID 25 msFort Towson AR 1838-04-08 to Boston MA eBay20210705.jpg
1838-12-10Charleston South CarolinaBlack CDS, manuscript "25" (due) rateFort Towson AR 1838-12-10 CDS to South Carolina eBay20151104.jpg
1839-02-11Boston MassachusettsBlack CDS, manuscript "25" (due) rateFort Towson AR 1839-02-11 ebay 4-11-09.jpg
1839-08-29Natchitoches, LouisianaBlack CDS, manuscript "18 3/4" (due) rateFort Towson 1839-08-29 Regency Sale 8192012 Lot2414.jpg
1839-11-11Boston MassachusettsManuscript "Fort Townson/Nov, 11 1839" ms "Paid 25" rateFort Towson 1839-11-11 rsiegel_sale783_lot458.jpg
183x-184x-08-18Not ShownManuscript "Fort Townson/Aug 18" ms "25"(due) rateFort Towson 184x-08-18 rseigelsale658lot83.jpg
1841-07-19Augusta Arsenal GeorgiaBlack CDS, Black Hstmp PAID ms "25"Fort Towson 1841-07-19 CDS DPhillips_Sale68_Lot196.jpg
1842-01-29Not ShownBlack CDS, manuscript "Free" text only descriptionFort Towson 1842-01-29 CDS FREE AZimmerman_Sale21_Lot162.jpg
1842-06-9Canton, OhioBlack CDS, manuscript "25" (due) rateFort Towson 1842-06-09 RSiegel_1026_1747.jpg
1842-09-28Kingston Rhode Island forward to unindicated POBlack CDS, Black PAID, ms "25" rate marked out "6" forwarding feeFort Towson 1842-09-28 CDS PAID 25 to Rhode Island Mexican Letter Schuyler Rumsey_Sale31_Lot3400.jpg
1843-03-10Westport MissouriBlack CDS, manuscript "25" (due) rateFort Towson AR 1843-03-10 to Missouri ebay 6-3-10.jpg
1844-05-23New Orelans LouisianaBlack CDS,FORT TOWSON/MAY/23/ARK ms "25" dueFort Towsond Ark 1844-05-23 BRoberts Coll.jpg
1844-07-11Washington DCBlack CDS, Black FREE ms "O.P.D" to Quartermaster GeneralFort Towson 1844-07-11 FREE OPS to Washington DC ebay 5-20-10.jpg
1844-10-18Van Buren ArkansasBlack CDS, manuscript "Paid 12 1/2"Fort Towson AR 1844-10-18 paid 12.5 DPhillipsSale86 Lot700.jpg
1845-07-07Washington DCBlack CDS Hsp PAID ms 10 struck out, "O.P.S." to Gen Nathan TowsonFort Towson AR 1845-07-07 DPhillipsSale79 Lot167.jpg
1845-08-25New York, New YorkBlack CDS Hsp PAID ms 10 Fort Towson AR 1845-08-25 DKelleher-Sale20120812.jpg
1845-09-15Not ClearManuscript "Fort Townson/Sept 15" ms "10"(due) rateFort Towson AR 1845-09-15 rkaufman_sale71_lot188.jpg
1845-11-03Washington DCBlack CDS, manuscript "10" (due) rate ms "O.P.S" To Gen Nathan TowsonFort Towson AR 1845-11-03 SRumseySale55 Lot10.jpg
1846-01-26Washington DC to member of congressBlack CDS,FORT TOWSON/JAN/26/ARK black Hdsp FREEFort Towson Ark 1846-01-26 BRoberts Coll.jpg
1846-06-01Spring Hill, TennesseeBlack CDS, manuscript "10" (due) rateFort Towson 184x-06-01 CDS plus 10 ms APS Richmond 8-13-10.jpg
1846-09-03Van Buren ArkansasBlack CDS, manuscript "5" (due) rateFort Towson AR 1846-09-03 Black CDS due 5 ms to Van Buren eBay20160521.jpg
1846-09-07Washington DCBlack CDS, manuscript "10" plus ms "O,P,D." to Gen Nathan Towsend PO namesakefort towson 1846-09-07 dkelleher_sale578_lot3223.jpg
1846-10-12Wheatly MassachutsettsBlack CDS, manuscript "10" (due) rateFort Towson AR 1846-10-12 SRumseySale55 Lot11.jpg
1846-11-09Preston TexasBlack CDS (rate 10 from another auction description)Fort Towson 1846-11-09 AZimmerman_Sale52_Lot98.jpg
1847-03-28Not ShownBlack CDS, manuscript "10" (due) ratefort towson AR 1847-03-28 dkelleher_sale578_lot3259.jpg
1847-08-09Delhi NY "via New York City"Black CDS, manuscript "Paid 10" rateFort Towson AR 1847-08-09 JMilgram Collection 5-8-11.jpg
1849-08-04Fort Towson ArkansasFrom New Orleans Black CDS Black Hdsp 10 (due) rate Part of Lear CorrespondenceNew Orleans 1849-08-04hsp 10 to Fort Towson ebay 1-18-11.jpg
184x-01-15Washington DCBlack CDS, manuscript "Free"Fort Towson 184x-01-15 CDS FREE eBay 20130102.jpg
184x-03-14Washington DCBlack CDS, manuscript "25" (due) rateFort Towson AR 184x-03-14 rfrajolasale39lot166.jpg
184x-04-01Hocksville South CarolinaBlack CDS, manuscript "25" (due) rateFort Towson 184x-04-01 rfrajola_sale19_lot1424.jpg
184x-04-30Washington DCBlack CDS, manuscript "10" (due) rate to PP PitchlynnFort Towson 184x-04-30 DPhillipsSale17 Lot58.jpg
184x-06-07Washington DCBlack CDS, manuscript "on publi service/Free" To Genrl R. Jones Adj Generalfort towson 184x-06-07 ops free azimmerman_sale34_lot231.jpg
184x-07-03Washington DCBlack CDS, Black HDstmp FREE To Genrl R. Jones Adj GeneralFort Towson 184x-07-03 CDS Free rfrajolasale42lot256.jpg
184x-07-07Washington DCBlack CDS, manuscript "10" (due) rate marked out ms "O.P.S." to Gen Nathan TowsonFort Towson 184x-07-07 PAID Hsp 10 ms struck out O.P.S in ms APS Richmond 8-13-10.jpg
184x-07-12Philadelphia PennsylvaniaBlack CDS, Hdsmp PAID Manuscript "1.00" rate, Fort Towson 184x-07-12 PAID $1.00 HSpellman_Sale34_Lot418.jpg
184x-09-21Not ShownBlack CDS, manuscript "10" (due) rate Fort Towson 184x-09-21 rsiegel_sale_551_lot_45.jpg
184x-10-12Not ShownBlack CDS, manuscript "10" (due) rateFort Towson AR 184x-10-12 cds dphillips_sale118_lot800.jpg
184x-10-25Boston MassachusettsBlack CDS, manuscript "25" (due) rateFort Towson 184x-10-25 CDS due 25 to Boston Schuyler Rumsey_Sale31_Lot399.jpg
184x-11-23Washington DC to PP PitchlynBlack CDS, manuscript "10" (due) rateFort Towson AR 184x-11-23 SRumseySale45 Lot231.jpg

 Fort Washita Minimize
 DateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderDestinationDescriptionCover Scan & Source
1845-08-20Wheelock Choctaw Nationmanuscript "Fort Washita CN/August 20 1845" ms "5"(due) rate to PP PitchlynnFort Washita 1845-08-20 George Kramer Coll.jpg
1846-01-07Lancaster, Tennesseemanuscript "Fort Washita CN/January 7 1846" ms "Paid 10" rateFort Washita 1846-01-07 RSiegelSale1088 Lot 94.jpg
184x-185x-10-xEagletown CNBlack CDS black hdsp "5"(due) rate to PP PitchlynnFort Washita 185x-10-x CDS rfrajolasale39lot164.jpg
184x-185x-12-11Washington DCBlack CDS black hdsp "5"(due) rate to PP PitchlynnFort Washita 185x-12-11 CDS 5 due hrharmer_sale2914_lot363.jpg
1850-05-06St Louis Missourimanuscript "Fort Washita CN/May 6 1850" ms "10"(due) rate Fort Washita 1850-05-06 DKellelher_Sale632_Lot82.jpg
1850-05-06Westminister MassachutsettsText Only Manuscript "Fort Washita C.N. May 6th 1850" matching "20" rateFort Washita CN 1850-05-06 20 rate to Mass text only RSiegel Sale790Lot1259.pdf
1850-11-21Eagletown CNBlack CDS black hdsp "5"(due) rate to PP PitchlynnFort Washita 1850-11-21 CDS and 5 HSp APS Richmond 8-13-10.jpg