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 Post OfficeSorted By Post Office In Ascending OrderDate MailedMarkingsDestinationCover Link
CamdenJune 5, 1861Fwrd 5 cents due ms rsiegel_sale779_lot517 camden fwrd due dr snyder.jpg
Camden June 9, 186xPAID 10 HspSalisbury, NCrkaufman_sale71_lot67 Camden PAID 10.JPG
CamdenJuly 5, 186xPAID Hsp No RateLittle Rock, ARSRumsey_Sale29_Lot3081 Camden Paid no rate.jpg
CamdenJuly 7, 186xDUE 10 (arc) HspArkadelphia, ARRSiegel_Sale_907_Lot2544 Camden Due 10 arc.jpg
CamdenJuly 19, 1861PAID Hsp 10(circle) HspRichmond, VAsivy_sale1982-3_lot63 camden paid 10 in circle jul 19.jpg
CamdenJuly 31, 186xDUE 10 (arc) HspMulberry, ALdavidphillips_sale73_lot464 due 10 arc hsp.jpg
CamdenAugust 6, 1861PAID Hsp 10 (circle) HspNorfolk, VArfrajola_sale28_lot473.jpg
CamdenAugust 21, 186xPAID Hsp 10 (circle) HspMulberry, ALRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1543.jpg
CamdenAugust 30, 1864DUE 10 (arc) HspBastrop, TXRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1545.jpg
CamdenSeptember 24, 186xPAID Hsp 10 (circle) HspMulberry, ALrkaufman_sale71_lot68.jpg
CamdenJanuary 15, 186xDue 10 msArkadelphia, ARRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1546.jpg
CamdenMarch 16, 186xDUE 10 (arc) HspHillsboro, ARrobert_kaufmann_sale39_lot604.jpg
CamdenJune 5 1861Fwd 5 cents ms on US Stationary mailed before June 1 Bolivar Mo to Camden Frwd 5 after June 1 Non recognition of federal letter.jpg
Camden7-2-1864Due 10 in Arc inside turned cover from POW at HelenaPittsburg, TexasCamden 7-2-1864 Due 10 arc to Texas GHarrison Collection.jpg
Camden1861-08-07Black CDS, Black PAID + 5 in circle (not in new CSA catalog)Knoxville, TennesseeCamden AR 1861-08-07 PAID 5 JPalazolo Collection.jpg
Camden (dbl circle CDS)August 28, 1861PAID (oval) Hsp 10 HspFort Mill, South Carolinarobert_kaufmann_sale39_lot605 Camden dbl circle PAID 10.JPG
CarrolltonOctober 14, 186xPaid 10 manuscriptDahlonega, Georgiajkaufmann_sale97_lot38-carrolton paid 10 ms.jpg
Cat IslandAugust 12, 1861Paid 10 ms on Patriotic coversGalveston, TXJPalazolo-cat island-aug 12 1861- paid 10 ms.jpg
Centre PointJune 3, 186x (probably 1861)Pre-war PAID 3 in circle with 3 removed, 5 in msFalcon, ARRKaufmann_Sale39_Lot606 Centre Point Paid 5.jpg
Chalybeate SpringsMarch 8, 1862Paid 5 ms azimmerman_sale50_lot520.jpg
ChampagnolleJanuary x, 1862Due 10c msTrevilian's Depot, VA, forward with pair of #1 to Martinsville, VAdphillips_sale92_lot1243.jpg
Clarksville Paid 10 msLittle Rock, ARTKaufmann Clarksville Paid 10 ms.jpg
Clarksville1861-10-01Black CDS, Black DUE 5 handstamp soldier's mailHillsboro, ArkansasClarksville AR 1861-10-01 Due 5 Hsp RSiegelSale1063 Lot2163.jpg
Clarksville-No CDS or Town Name on the outsideOctober x, 1862PAID Hsp plus Paid 10 ManuscriptLittle Rock, ArkansasrKaufman_Sale71_Lot70 Clarksville PAID + Paid 10 ms.JPG
ColumbiaMay 2, 186xPAID Hsp 5 HspNew Orleans, LArkaufman_sale71_lot71.jpg
ColumbiaJuly 28, 1862PAID Hsp 5 (circle) Hsp uprated to 10 msRichmond, VARSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1547.jpg
ColumbiaJune 12, 1861PAID Hsp 5 ms on US Nesbitt envelopeNew OrleansColumbia AR 186x-06-12 PAID 5 on 1st Embossed issue RSiegel Sale 1151 Lot 1854.jpg
CumminsJune 3, 1861Manuscript town and "Paid 5 cts, CSA"Shelbyville, TNrkaufman_sale71_lot72.jpg
Cut OffJune 27, 186XManuscript "Cut Off" and "Due 10"Lamartine, Arkrkaufmann_sale37_lot106.jpg