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 Indian Nations covers from July 1, 1851 to May 31, 1861 Minimize
On July 1, 1851 postage rates changed dramatically in the United States. The cost of letter mail dropped to 3c for up to 3,000 miles and 6 cents for further distances.  This was later raised to 10 cents in 1855.  3 cent Adhesives and the new embossed envelopes made their appearance in Indian Nations mail.  Also important was the 5 cent Penalty rate, imposed on unpaid letters; there were quite a few such letters from Indian Nations Post Offices during this period.

There are sub-pages by the alphabet for the Indian Nations Post Offices from or to which I have recorded cover scans during this period.  Below is the complete list of the Post Offices: click on the post office name to be taken to the page containing the data for that office.