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 CSA Little Rock Stampless rated PAID 10 Minimize

Little Rock was in the Confederacy from May 18, 1861 until September 10, 1863 when Union forces occupied the town.  Below are all the covers rated PAID 10.

 CSA Little Rock PAID 10 Minimize
 Date MailedSorted By Date Mailed In Ascending OrderMarkingDestinationCover Link
 PAID 10 in CircleBellview, TexasRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1558.jpg
 PAID 10 ms "Official Business Dist. of Arkansas"TexasLittle Rock PAID 10 to TX Official Bus imprint text only RSiegel_Sale279_Lot2181.jpg
10/20/1861PAID 10 in CircleFort Mill, South Carolina on US Star Die Stationarylr paid 10 in circle 10-20-81 roberts collection.jpg
12/23/1861PAID 10 in circle on Jeff Davis Medallion PatrioticRichmond, VirginiaLittle Rock AR 1861-12-23 Jef Davis Patriotic Due 10 RSiegel Sale 1190Lot1548.jpg
8/29/1862PAID 10 in CircleRichmond, VirginiaRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1557.jpg
9/4/1862PAID 10 in CircleBatesville, ArkansasLittle Rock AR 1862-09-04 Paid 10 in circle SRumsey Sale 94 Lot 1903 Dec 2020.jpg
9/21/1862PAID 10 in CircleTravis, Texas turned there and sent to Houston w/pair of #7ghendershott_sale25_lot46 little rock paid 10 in circle 9-21-1861.jpg
9/29/1862PAID 10 in CircleRichmond, Virginia RSiegel_Sale795_Lot135 No Photo 
9/30/1862PAID 10 in CircleHockley, Texas RSiegel_Sale795_Lot136 No Photo 
1/4/1863PAID 10 in Circle plus two 10 Handstamps blotted by circular strkesJefferson, TexasRSietel_Sale907_Lot2548 LR PAID 10 in circle 1-4-63.jpg
2/27/1863PAID 10 in CircleBelleville, Texasjkaufmann_sale38_lot661 lr paid 10 in circle 2-27-6x.jpg
3/16/1863PAID 10 in CircleRussellville, ArkansasRSiegel_Sale907-Lot2550 LR Paid 10 in Circle 3-16-63.jpg
5/4/1863PAID 10 in CircleRichmond Virginiambennett_sale230_lot1009 lr paid 10 in circle 5-4-63.jpg
5/13/1863Dbl Circle CDS PAID 10 in circleSaline Texas Ark HIst Comm W.C.Rogers MS.000244Little Rock 1863-05-13 AHC W.C.Rogers MS.000244.jpg
5/16/1863PAID 10 in CircleVicksburg, Mississippiamhistoricalauctionssale4lot149.jpg