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A thinly populated state far away from the East Coast, Arkansas had no need for drop letters in general, so there were probably no shipments of the 2 cent rose brown to Arkansas.  In addition, stamps produced in small amounts rarely made it as far as Arkansas, so it is likely there were no 10 cent Frame Lines shipped to Arkansas, either. Finally, by 1863 a significant portion of Arkansas was occupied by Union troops, and by the end of the year, most of the state north of the Arkansas River and along the entire strech of the Mississippi River was in Union hands.  So the initially small number of CSA post offices in the state had been cut by more than half, greatly reducing the possible use of these stamps for whom the earliest usages were not until April, 1863.

No examples of the 2 cent Rose Brown (CSA Scott #8) or the 10 cent frame line (CSA Scott #10) have been reported used from or to Arkansas.

Below is the only example of the 10 cent T-E-N reported used from Arkansas, an example on piece.

Updated 05-22-2018

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